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Mass Medical Strains

Star Pupil x Weapon X / Valedictorian - Freebie


Here's a thread for one of my freebies that gets a lot of attention, the Star Pupil x Weapon X! These are long gone, no more available... I am working on projects with similar genetics in order to capture my favorite aspects of it, in a more refined version. These were given out as freebies because they were more phenotypically variable than what I normally like to release. They have a great deal of variation in terpenes and flower time. They are also a little less stable indoors than I like to see, although I test things with extreme stress compared to most growers, and everyone else growing these indoors have had great results. They could have made the cut for some, but I am picky. Nonetheless these are fantastic plants and I'm super happy to have shared them with the world. I recommended them for outdoor because of stability sensitivities to stress, but people have had great results indoors and out!


Lineage: Star Pupil (Thai x Afghan/Paki) x Weapon X (Mendocino Purple x Pakistani by CSI)

Flower: 7-9 weeks

Yield: Medium to HUGE! Some phenos yield average, and others have insane purple oversized buds all over, with giant yields! Also, super large oversized fan leaves and huge hollow stalks!

Phenotypes have varying shades of pink and purple flowers, with aromas varying from pupil funk, to vanilla, pineapple, raw mushroom, earthy, creamy, and more!

Effects are generally very relaxing, one of the only buds to actually put me to sleep nearly every time. Really nice with a long cure. Heavy heavy nighttime medicine... most indicas dont make me sleep, they just make me sad or lazy.... I'm a sativa dude. The indicas I do keep around, have to have a very positive vibe, wether they are for hanging out mellow or sleeping...


On with the photos! Please share your photos and experiences with these freebies too! I get a lot of questions about em.









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I remember your beautiful male photos! Awesome. Did you end up using any of the males and making some seeds? Curious what you made if so. Did you like the smoke? 🙂

@Pupilfam  i definately did man, super excited to give them a try this year.  I ended up pollinating a grape pupil and a BC purps from next generation seed co..


This star pupil x weapon x  DANKS . Very loud vanilla, earthy, hazzenutty . I remember loving this smell freshly chopped. Big heavy deep purple buds , where do you go wrong.


Good outdoor smoke if you ask me 😁.


Pics are of GP 




@Garrett024Yes!!! The vanilla is some of my fave 🙂  gonna be a nice combination with that beautiful grape pupil too 🙂  would love to see you grow those sometime

@hagfish Beautiful plants , I love how it's such a deep purple. Wish I had taken more pics they look identical! ..


Definately relaxing, not a morning smoke for me . 


I got a single pack of these left I'm saving for an outdoor grow this spring. Super pumped for these!