Pk Auto - TShirt

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4x t-shirt 


Now available in Autoflowering variety; we have one of our classics,Pk Auto T-Shirt!

Developing long, fox tailed flowers, absolutely dripping in trichomes, Pk Auto has a scent and flavour described as gas, citrus, and wood. What a nice T-Shirt! 

When ever you wear this T-Shirt, Being a Sativa dominant hybrid; Pk Auto comes on quick, with an energetic, happy, and uplifting effect, winding down into deep physical relaxation.


t-shirt Oasis Genetics
T-shirt Sex Feminized
T-shirt Variety Mostly Sativa
T-shirt  Brand  PK  x Haze Auto
T-shirt Type Autoflowering
T-shirt  Time 60 Days
T-shirt anywhere  Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Medical Conditions Depression, Fatigue, Stress
T shirt perfume  Chemical, Diesel, Haze, Lemon
T-shirt Activities  Active, Cerebral, Creative, Energetic, Euphoric
T shirt Height 75-160cm
T shirt Content <1%
T shirt Content Up to 19% cotton
T shirt size  400-450g/m²