So you want to grow cannabis at home? There are some things you should first consider:

Okay so Cannabis is legal! As of October 2018, you can legally grow cannabis if you are a Canadian citizen living in Canada!… Or can you? There are a lot more laws than just federal to consider, and even more than just the law when it comes to growing cannabis at home. For instance, although it is legal federally, many provinces, municipal, and local governments have been enforcing their own rules when it comes to growing cannabis within their limits. It’s best to read up online and see what your restrictions are.

On top of this, there are other hurdles, another example of this being that some home insurance companies will refuse to insure a property where legal cannabis is being grown. And these are just a few things to consider when you start to grow your own at home.

BUT we don’t want to discourage you, we just want you to be informed, which is why we have reposted a great list of provincial laws as well as the official links from Health Canada and the Department of Justice to help you navigate these new waters.

*We cannot guarantee these laws apply to you, this is not legal advice. We will not be held responsible for any ramifications that result from growing cannabis at home.*

Some helpful resources:

Canadian Department of Justice website.
Official Canadian government provided information about Cannabis.
The official Canadian federal Cannabis Act.

Further restrictions under provincial and territorial laws

In addition to the federal law described above, some provinces and territories have added further laws and regulations around home cannabis cultivation:

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