Featuring Gorrila Boost Coco coir

Featuring Gorrila Boost Coco coir

As we have mentioned before, deciding on a grow medium is critical when coming up with a grow plan. With many different options out there, each with their own pros and cons, you want to make sure you are setting yourself up for success. And that means taking your expertise, your time, and your knowledge into consideration. As we have mentioned before, Coco Coir is a medium we strongly recommend. It is one that is both used by the Master Grower as well as the hobbyist!

A great option that we carry, is Gorilla Boost Coco Coir – Super Buffered. Made from the outer husks of coconuts, it is a strong, durable medium that is also very sustainable. Coco is extremely light and airy, allowing for plenty of aeration at the root zone, leading to more vigorous growth! What’s great about Gorilla Boost is that it goes into their facility where it is handled minimally to maintain its purity and is entirely controlled through their proprietary “small-batch” system that ensures every bag meets the tight quality control and guaranteed standards.

Gorilla Boost’s coco coir buffering begins with flushing and rinsing the coir with clean water. This removes only elements soluble in water while buffering also eliminates addition salts which are naturally bound to the cation exchange complex, making for an ideal medium. Another great point as to why we love Gorilla Boost is due to its sustainability mission! Their unique process reduces water usage by over 45%, which in turn saves 37.5 liters of water per each 50-liter bag, or over 67,500 liters per shipping container. This limits the runoff pollution into the environment in India, where production facilities are based.

Using Coco Coir is a medium we highly recommend because of it being suitable for both the Master Grower, as well as the hobbyist, allowing for healthy root development as well as the customization of nutrients. Want to get your hands on some Gorilla Boost? Click here! It is also worth mentioning that since we have our East Coast Distribution Facility now open, you can expect to have more efficient shipping rates if you are in fact, an Eastern customer!

All in all, Gorilla Boost is a great option when looking for a coco medium. Between their washing and buffering process, as well as their sustainability mission, it makes for a great medium surely your crops with love!

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