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Rainmaker Deep Cover MisterHelp protect your plants using the portable rechargeable Rainmaker Deep Cover Mister. When used as directed this handheld battery-operated mister is designed to effectively and evenly apply treatments against insects mites and diseases in greenhouses indoor grow rooms and outdoor gardens. By creating high-speed air flow this mister gently agitates leaves so that product can better penetrate into the canopy. This helps ensure coverage on the bottom of the leaves where most common pump sprayers can’t reach. Cold-fogging technology atomizes particles to deliver a fine mist up to 15 feet (optimal spraying distance is 3 feet to 8 feet) to coat your plant with micro droplets for thorough contact without potentially harmful dripping or pooling. The result is pest and disease control with less effort and in less time than it takes to use a traditional pump sprayer.


THIS ITEM SOMTIMES  TAKES MORE THAN 3-5 business days to show up *******