Alfred DWC Grow Kit (4-Plant System)

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Have you ever wanted to grow healthy and lush plants at home? The Alfred Deep Water Culture System (DWC Grow Kit) is the answer.

In deep water culture your plants will have explosive growth compared to soil. This is because the root systems have direct access to both nutrients and oxygenated water; your roots will not need to “search” but will be submerged in a readily accessible solution. It seems counterproductive that you grow a plant directly in water, but we can assure you this is the perfect balance. Although every plant is different, on average it will be completed at least three weeks earlier, if not more than growing in soil. Your plant will have a healthy cultivation the whole growth cycle. Luscious foliage, healthy roots and heavy flowers or fruit is key to a successful yield.

This product comes with everything you need to get started. Water is not the easiest medium to get started with, as soil is more forgiving, but it is easy to learn for a new grower or seasoned grower alike! Maintaining the plant system is very simple, each week give it a scrubbing when you do the nutrient change and after your grow is complete, sterilize it for your next grow to ensure bacteria cultures have been eliminated.

Convenience is key, with everything included, you don’t need to do any running around to get what you need; Holes are already drilled to assemble this beautiful system. You will be ready to add your solution within minutes. Leaving the air tubing all as one length, you have the ability to make it as long or short as you need for your space.

On a daily basis it is recommended to check the pH, top up the nutrient water as required and every one to two weeks do a complete reservoir change of nutrient solution for best results. Any nutrient line can be used; however using higher quality nutrient lines will provide you the best results.