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The Original BC Bags!

The original smell proof bags that can be used for anything!

Key Features: 

  • Extra Strength Triple Seal Zipper 
  • Odour Proof
  • Puncture Resistant 
  • Clear Bag with Printable label
  • Reusable 
  • Protects against freezer burn
  • Large and Small sizes 


We use these at my greenhouse for the product. Cures nicely in the bags. Smell proof. Can go in the freezer. Wouldn't trust my product in anything else.

every stoner needs these


changed my lfie

These bags changed my life Im not even kidding lol! Theyre the best thing ever. I cant smell a thing when my "product" is in there and it keeps it nice without drying out. I will buy these forever please never stop selling them!!!!



  • whats the maximum weight one large bag can hold? what kind of plastic it is ?


    Our BC Bags haven’t been tested for max weight but it is designed to hold a half pound of dried cannabis. For the type of plastic, it’s LDPE Plastic, 80 microns total thickness.


  • Do you have dimensions for each size?

    Small DIMENSIONS: 16cm W x 17.1cm L   Large DIMENSIONS: 26.7cm W x 30.5cm L