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Another great freshness container thanks to CVault. This 4 Liter commercial size humidty retaining curing container will keep all your contents inside as fresh as the day it was pulled from the earth. From spices, to herbs, breads and tobacco, this is the ultimate humidor curing solution.


Commercial Lid Design :

  • ¼ inch wide silicone seal to ensure an airtight seal.
  • Specifically designed to hold your Boveda pak securely.


Industrial Latch Design : Engineered to provide an airtight seal; locking in product freshness.


Fully Stackable : All Varieties of the CVault are Stackable.


Interior Diameter:  9.0" or 23 CM

Depth / Height:       5.5" or 14 CM

Capacity: 1/2 lb. 


4 liter CVault comes with (1) each 67 gram 62% Boveda®.