Emperor Lighting 1000w MH

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Emperor Lighting is the next generation of high intensity discharge lights with improved design for higher lumen output and enhanced color spectrum. These lamps offer an unrivaled level of light quality and performance. Emperor lighting is a versatile line tailored to the specific needs of your plants during the different stages of plant growth. Emperor Lighting design engineers have worked jointly with agricultural researchers to produce quality lights that trigger hormones in plants to help increase budding, flowering and to encourage tight internodes. Developed by leading horticulturalists, the Emperor Lighting line has been built with the discerning grower in mind:

  • engineered for use with all ballast types
  • features better color uniformity
  • continuous operation
  • longer bulb life
  • less lumen depreciation over time
  • can be used in both vertical and horizontal fixtures
  • Photosynthetic Photon Flux PPF 1300 umol/s

The Emperor Lighting line has been approved for hot starts, with final testing showing the ability of Emperor lights to be able to use the intense charge of power coming from electronic ballasts while also being able to work on magnetic ballasts. They are stamped with a heat sensitive logo which will change color once the lamp attains its full spectrum. 

These lights are manufactured to the highest standards and undergo rigorous quality control testing to ensure superior dependability. 
German technology, Canadian design