Drying Rack – 6 Rack 36″ with Zipper

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Drying Rack – 6 Rack 36″ with  Zipper

t would be tragic to have gotten to the finish line months later to mess it all up now! Don’t screw up and rush the dry ‘n cure – slow and easy wins the race!”

Drying and curing your plants properly can completely change the outcome of your crop – it’s the difference between a quality crop that customers love, or a “so-so” crop that yields no reactions.

You need a drying system that:

  • Helps improve the potency of your plants
  • Reduces the chances of mold or bacteria forming on your flowers
  • Assists you to get your plants to the sweet cure spot of 60-65% RH

The Rack is a collapsible drying system that can be used anywhere. It’s lightweight, portable, and inexpensive.

Because there are straps on the bottom and the top of The Rack, when you need to turn your product you can just flip the entire unit. When it comes time to sweat your product, you can simply collapse the rack and put it in a black garbage bag.


Flower Tower dry racks feature many options that save time and make it easier to dry your harvest. They can be hung from either ends allowing you to rotate the top rack to the bottom for more even drying.

• 8 Racks

• 36″ U-Shaped zippers