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A grow tent is supposed to keep light out when necessary, and other grow tents I’ve used fail miserably. Light bleeds through every link in the zipper…every link.”

Imagine buying 10 grow tents for your room. You assemble all the frames, get the material nice and snug, and start your grow. 2 months later at the end of your bloom cycle, you realize that light has been sneaking in your tent, spoiling your plants.

What a massive waste of time and money, all because your tent let in light through the zipper links.

You need a grow tent that:

  • Doesn’t let in (or out) any light
  • Is sturdy enough to hang your lights and fans
  • Is easy to assemble, disassemble, and move

The HarvestGro Grow Tent provides 100% light proof shelter to grow your plants in a controlled environment.

All the problems that come with an indoor garden are far easier to deal with when your plants are in a grow tent. You simply have more control over your garden.

A grow tent saves you time from having to build a 2X4 frame inside your room, and it’s super easy to take down and move in comparison.

It’s the perfect product for people who want to grow their own 4 plants as well.

  • 100% light-proof: don’t let any outside light disturb your plants. Doesn’t let light out of the tent either. Even the zippers are heavy duty and light proof
  • Self-contained grow room: self-contained, portable grow space without a lengthy setup
  • Thick & durable material: oxford nylon outer fabric is resistant to tearing, ensuring that there’s no light seepage into (or out of) your tent
  • Modular construction: can easily be taken apart and moved
  • 95% reflective surface: Mylar Lichee groove interior fabric provides even light distribution throughout your entire tent. Allows plants to utilize all supplied light without waste
  • Venting: multiple vents to accommodate fans & filters. You can open and close the vents to manage temperature, humidity, CO2, and light levels
  • Sturdy frame: steel pole frame allows you to hang lights and fans inside the tent. Up to 110 lbs.
  • Washable material: allows for easy cleaning of your tent
  • Versatile: suitable for all growing systems and compatible with all HID lighting. Compatible with 1000w CMH lamps.

Are the tents easy to assemble?
Yes, the HarvestGro tents are very simple and straightforward to assemble. An easy to follow manual is included with your product.

We can usually assemble one in about 25 minutes. Other products claim their tents can go together in 5 minutes – this is a gross exaggeration.

Are the tents airtight?
No, there are multiple openings in the tent for ventilation to help with airflow. The tents ARE light proof though, which is the most important feature for a grow tent.

Is it compatible with all CMH lamps?
Our HarvestGro tents are compatible with 1000w CMH lamps. We don’t recommend 630w or 315w CMH lamps due to their excessive heat output. Those bulbs also have height restrictions that are suitable for 10+ ft ceilings – our tents only go up to 8 feet because they’re made to fit in a standard room.

Is it compatible with all HID lamps?

The HarvestGro tent comes with the following parts in the box:

  • 1 x canvas tent
  • 1 x carry bag
  • 22 x poles total (the small grow tent comes with 16 poles)
  • 4 x hanging bars
  • 8 x 3 way joints
  • 2 x 4 way joints
  • 2 x T joints
  • 1 x Canvas spill tray
  • 4 x fan/filter straps
  • 1 instruction manual


  • Heavy duty Tri-Layer 1600 Denier Material with Superlux reflective liner
  • Trivax double lined zippers that are both easy to use and offer excellent light proofing
  • Waterproof tray insert included
  • Multiple choices of ducting and cable glands, all with double seals