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House & Garden Coco

House & Garden Coco is 100% coco coir with little to no sodium residuals and is very clean without anything added. Buffered with calcium nitrate and then washed. During the washing process, the nitrate is removed, and only the calcium stays behind. The coco larger fiber coir holds onto water and nutrients; does not get compacted easily like shorter fiber coir.Instagram - White Circle



House & Garden Cocos is a natural plant substrate made from the cleanest coco peat available in the world today, direct from one of the leading substrate manufacturers in The Netherlands. H&G Cocos is not sterilised or treated with harmful chemicals to retain the natural beneficial of the cocos substrate. H&G Cocos has a perfect air/water ratio is washed in fresh water, has a low E.C. level and is pH stable. For best results use with H&G Cocos A+B base nutrient.

  • RHP quality, suitable for horticulture.

  • Produced by one of the largest substrate manufacturers in Holland.

  • Washed in FRESH water in Holland.

  • No Chemical treatment.

  • Non Methyl Bromide fumigated.

  • Natural Trichoderma and beneficials.

  • Low EC, natural PH.

  • For best results use with H&G Cocos A+B base nutrient.


50L Bag

All H&G Products are cleared for use in medical, licensed farms.