Nutri Plus Coco Coir

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COCO Plus is a 100% natural growing media which provides gardeners with hard to beat advantages.
Manufactured in India from coconut fiber powder, COCO Plus is submitted to strict quality control in order to obtain a top grade product.
COCO Plus is an organic product. Free of hazardous insecticides and/or diseases.
The coconut fiber powder allows an excellent air and water exchange, thus offering ideal growing conditions.
COCO Plus is a high quality product that meets the tough standards of the horticultural industry.
It stands apart from other coconut based substrates in which it comes from a scrap-free, reliable source.
These materials are carefully manufactured and thoroughly cleansed under ideal and controlled conditions and then buffered to obtain an even pH as well as a good EC.
The product is not steam sterilized in order to keep all the advantages of the coconut fiber’s unique structure. This allows quick growth of the plants right from the start of the growing process.