PK 13/14

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CANNA PK 13 / 14 is a mixture of top quality nutritional minerals that stimulate flowering.
This product has been developed for the flowering phase of fast growing plants. PK 13/14 is easy to use and high yields are easily achieved.

PK 13 / 14...
- Pure elements to stimulate flowering
- Lavish flowering
- Suitable for every medium

Detailed description:

- Nitrogen 0%
- Phosphate 10%
- Potash 11%

The nutrients potassium and phosphate are indispensable for plants during their flowering period. PK 13/14 is a venerable and pure potassium - phosphate mixture. PK 13/14 dissolves well and is therefore easily absorbable.

Instructions for use:

Add PK 13/14 once to a full nutrition tank
Dosage: 15 ml / 10 Liter - 6 ml / US gallon (1:666)
Use for approximately one week only

Other directions:

Shake the bottle well before use
Store in a dark place
Keep away from extremes of hot and cold