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  • Save time: instead of hand-trimming and using scissors, you can cut your plants 3x as fast (or faster)
  • Trim like a pro: If you don’t know how to trim like a pro, you can compensate for your lack of experience with this professional-grade tool which manicures your plant properly and evens the playing field
  • Trims wet plants: you don’t have to wait for dry plants to trim
    Best bang for your buck: Motorized trimmers are only a bit faster than the SpinPro, while being almost triple the price in most cases. Get a big bang for your buck – 90% of the speed at 1/3rd of the price
  • Geared manual rotation:every manual turn you make is amplified exponentially
  • Less trimmers needed: cuts out the need to pay trimmers – maximize the output of anyone working on your product
  • Lower price: lower cost than our competitor’s manual trimmers
  • Motorized addon available:don’t want to turn it by hand? Attach our SpinPro Motor for a fully motorized trim. You can also use your own variable speed drill to power the SpinPro.

Trim Bags VS SpinPro

A trim bag is taking your dry plant and shaking it in a bag. It beats up your product reducing quality. The SpinPro keeps your product in as good of shape as if it was hand-manicured.

While TrimPro normally sells motorized trimmers, they also have a manual trimmer in competition with ours. The main difference is not in quality, but in price. The SpinPro is a fraction of the price of the TrimPro. The TrimPro also uses leather fingers, which are tougher to clean and less durable than our plastic fingers

How do I install new blades?

How do I replace the rubber fingers inside the SpinPro?

How do I properly take care of my SpinPro?
Clean all the material out of your SpinPro after trimming using hot water and soap. For a deeper clean you can even use rubbing alcohol, especially if your product is caked onto the SpinPro.

While the bowl and blades are rust proof if the internal transmission gets moisture inside of it (which happens if you don’t clean it), there is risk of the gears inside rusting.

Don’t store the SpinPro outside. Sorry if you wanted to store it in your sauna, but a humid environment increases the chances of your transmission gears rusting. Store it in a dry, indoor climate.

The transmission in my SpinPro is slipping. There’s an easy fix for that.

  1. Remove the 3 screws holding the main transmission cover in place (it looks like a tiny metal salad bowl).
  2. Remove the transmission cover. The exposed transmission is the black and white component at the center of your SpinPro.
  3. Tighten the black piece clockwise (by hand) in order to keep it from slipping.

Be sure you don’t take apart the transmission itself. It’s very difficult to get back together, and it voids your warranty.

Can I fit the single replacement wires into the quad blades?
No. The quad blades are not modular and must be replaced entirely.

  • Casing Material: medical-grade stainless steel
  • Rubber Finger Material: food-grade rubber (very high quality)
  • 1 SpinPro personal trimmer
  • 23 pieces of replacement wire
  • 2 quad blades
  • rubber black fingers for pressing product through the grate (stiffer yellow fingers available for purchase).
  • Replacements bolts, and a handle.
  • 1 assembly instructions booklet
  1. We have two types of rubber fingers to choose from. The black ones are softer, while the yellow ones are stiffer. Some trimmers will mix and match the fingers, between the yellow (stiffer) and black (softer).
  2. Some people buy our SpinPro Flat Blade, which is a longer lasting laser-cut blade.
  3. Use a 5 gallon bucket instead of the bottom half of the SpinPro. Instead of having to dump the bottom of the SpinPro, you have a much larger container for trim that doesn’t need to be dumped as often.
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SpinPro Personal Trimmer, Electric motor attachment, Replacement blades (23 pack), Quad Blade (10 pack), Flat Blade, Replacement Fingers – Yellow (24 pack), Transmission