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BRING RECEIPT IN TO STORE TO HAVE FLOWER TESTED.  649 Colborne st West Brantford Ontario N3T5L5

Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) is a proven, FDA-recognized analytical tool that uses the electromagnetic spectrum to assess the chemical makeup of any given sample. Crucially, NIRS can estimate chemical contents without damaging or altering flowers. Compared to traditional HPLC, NIRS testing has no need for chemical additives, ongoing overhead, or specialist training. It offers quick, accurate results in minutes. 

Cannabis flowers are heterogeneous by nature and typically have uneven trichome distribution, which makes batch analysis notoriously ineffective and can even hinder accurate potency readings for a single flower. GemmaCert utilizes advanced optics and digital image analysis to ensure optimal calibration for every measurement, delivering precise, rapid readings that give complete peace of mind.