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The rugged Cruise Temp thermostat from Energy Products delivers long-term, reliable performance in harsh agricultural conditions. The low mass, high surface area of the stainless steel coiled sensor provides rapid response to temperature change and the weather resistant enclosure enables you to install it nearly anywhere. The Cruise Temp tolerates moist conditions and performs despite water spray, high humidity, airborne contaminants, and even in moderately corrosive conditions.

Featuring one large adjustable dial set point to control heating and cooling, SPDT switches for reliable control, and integrated ambient temperature compensation. The Cruise Temp turns connected accessories ON when the temperature has reached 4 degrees above set point and turns them OFF at 3 degrees below the set point.

Powered by a detachable 120V power cord, the Cruise Temp is a fast and easy portable solution for temperature control. Simply plug your fan into the thermostat’s cord, set the dial and you’re done.

  • Reliable gas filled coil
  • One control for heating & cooling
  • Large, visible dial
  • Rugged, weather resistant enclosure tolerates humid conditions
  • Plug and play